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SendJim Gives You Everything You Need To Get New Customers And Keep Them Forever As Raving Fans!
Send Jim Gives You Everything You Need To Get New Customers And Keep Them Forever As Raving Fans!
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"Is Managing Your Marketing Stealing 
Time Away From Growing Your Business…
Or Even Worse…Stealing Time Away From Your Family?”
From: Joshua Latimer
Subject: Grow Your Business!

Is your marketing a time & money thief?

Surely we’ve all experienced this:
-You want to hit the ground running with your small business…
-You’ve got your team…
-You’ve got your tools…
-You’re pumped up and ready to go…

You KNOW that your services are the best around…

But then you hit your first road-bump…

You Get Confused About How To Market

You recognize that, without marketing, you’ve got as much chance of reaching clients as you do of throwing a pool party in Michigan in December… (Hint: Unless You Live In Australia…It’s Not Happening.)

So, you sit down and brainstorm ideas…
You spend your weekends putting hangers up on front doors…
You spend your afternoons calling up leads…
You spend your nights trying to sleep through the stress…

Before you know it, you’ve spent so much time trying to reach clients that you have no time to work on your business, enjoy your time off, or vacation with the family!

Yes, you’ve been hit by that infamous Marketing Time & Money Thief.

This fiendish villain is the true cause of all your entrepreneurial troubles!
It’s NOT your fault…

All you wanted to do was get the word out about how great your business is…

And yet, marketing has taken all your precious time and money… Time & money that you can never get back…

Somewhere along the way, your first quarter goals got pushed back to second quarter…
Then Third…

Your business is falling behind, bills are adding up, and your initial excitement has all but disappeared.
This is the point where most small business owners give in to the frustration and call it quits…

You KNOW there must be an easier and quicker way to handle these things…
There must be a way to beat the thief and spend your time on more important things.
Good News – THERE IS!
Enter, SendJim…
Your own personal superhero to fight off the Marketing Time & Money Thief.
Who Is Jim?
He’s your own personal salesperson willing to go out and do your marketing for you.

Converting leads into sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…   Whether you’re on vacation, at the office, or at home… Jim will be working for you nonstop.
SendJim lets you take the power back from the big competitors…
It gives you the ability to turn your marketing campaign into a power house.
SendJim Was Created So That Small Businesses Like Yours Can Grow… FAST!
All It Takes Is 3 Easy Steps…
Step 1: Pick Your Template
First, choose from one of our 
pre-made, completely customizable templates…
Add a picture, customize a message, or even attach a gift.
Step 2: Schedule Your Mailings
Next, schedule when you want everything sent out…
Everything is completely automated – so you can reach your clients today, tomorrow, in a month, or even a year!
Step 3: Start Your Campaign
Last, just choose the contact or group of contacts you want to target and BAM!!!!
Your Marketing Campaigns
In No Time Flat!
…And we do mean customized

Choose any picture you want…
Any message…
Any audience…

(Did we mention you can even send brownies and other gifts?)
It’s YOUR Business – YOUR Campaign – YOUR Vision
Set Everything Up In Minutes, And Leave The Hard Work To Us.
We’ll make sure your message is heard…and you can go back to spending your time on the things that matter most.
Do In Minutes What Used To Take You Weeks…
Without Send Jim, marketing campaigns are hard work and they require constant upkeep.
BUT…with SendJim on your team, you’ll never have to experience those headaches again!
Want An Employee That Will Work 24/7, Travel Anywhere You Want, 
And Doesn’t Need 
A Salary??…
SendJim lets you take the power back from the big guys. It gives you the ability to turn your marketing campaign into a power house.

It was created for entrepreneurs like you who…
1. Aren’t savvy with research
2. Don’t have time to coordinate the perfect campaign
…so you can easily target the perfect neighborhood or single home and send a series of mailings with ease.

Say goodbye to those countless hours you spent analyzing demographic spreadsheets…

Or trying to maintain client relationships…

Or building the perfect marketing calender…
With SendJim You’ll Reach Your Targets More Quickly, More Effectively, And More Consistently Than Ever Before!
..and did we mention this also means more money in your pockets?
Everything you could possibly need for the perfect marketing campaign will be at your disposal.

In fact, we want to prove to you how effective SendJim truly is…
Sign up now for a FREE 2-week trial, and see for yourself how much time and energy you’ll save. The proccess is so simple that you’ll become an expert at it in just 14 days…even if you’ve never done a marketing campaign before!
See How Much Quicker Jim Is At Handling Your Campaigns Than The Way You Are Doing Them Now…
SendJim Has Hundreds Of Pre-Made Templates For All Your Marketing Needs!
Ready to turn your marketing into a POWERHOUSE?
  • Best roof-cleaners in town? There’s a template for that
  •  Fastest window-washers around? There’s a template
  •  Lawn Care? Template
  •  Pool Cleaning? That too
  •                                                           …you get the idea.

No matter what your business is, 
SendJim will have the answer to your marketing needs.
Go ahead and imagine what your next big marketing campaign will be like with Jim having your back…
Is it less stressful?…
Less time-consuming?…
Is your business booming because you can focus on the bigger picture?…
This Is How Running Your Marketing Campaigns SHOULD Be!
Good marketing campaigns shouldn’t be headaches and setbacks..
They should consistently bring in loyal customers on demand..
They should maintain a strong relationship with your current clients..
They should get your message – your vision – to the perfect prospects!
SendJim is the easiest, simplest, and most effecient way to make sure your marketing is done right…
Confucius once said, “Keep it simple and focus on what matters. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed.”
Take it from the guy who’s famous for his wisdom…
Make sure YOU’RE not overwhelmed from focusing too much time on your marketing rather than what really matters.
Why put yourself through any more stress?
Start Your Free Trial Today And Jumpstart Your Business Growth!
P.S. – Still scared of commitment?

…Afraid it all may be too good to be true?

If the answer is yes, then keep reading and see how SendJim has helped others grow their businesses!
Check Out What’s Been Holding Others Back, And How YOU Can Use SendJim To Become A Marketing Master!
Maybe I’m Alone Here…But Have You ever Noticed The Similarities Between Your Marketing Campaign And Fishing?
Here’s what I mean…
Without the right tools, the right knowledge, and the right location…you’ll spend all day fishing with NOTHING to show for it…
If Your Small Business Works In:
Lawn Care
Window Cleaning
Pest Control
Carpet Cleaning
Maid Service
Real Estate
…or anything else you can think of…
Then You Need to Keep Reading!
Ask any experienced fisher, and they’ll tell you that there are three basic factors that lead to the “big catch”…

1) The right location.
2) The right time.
3) The right lure.
The best fishers – the ones that catch the big fish – are the ones that keep these in mind…
And the rest? They go home with small-fry (or worse… NOTHING!)

How many times have we heard stories of “the one that got away”?
How many times have YOU had that experience with a potential client?

You’ve put countless hours into your marketing campaign only to find yourself struggling. No matter how hard you work, you just can’t seem to find those big clients hungry for your business.
Think of SendJim as your own personal fish finder…allowing you to pick the location, time of day, and lure to reel in those perfect clients who can’t wait to work with you.

Wouldn’t that make everything so much easier??
Instead Of Wasting Precious Time Stressing Over Your Marketing Campaign, You Can Focus On What’s Truly Important…
Here Are Some Of The Reasons Marketing Campaings Fail…Don’t Let Any Of These Keep Your Business From Finding Success!
“You Won’t Catch Any Fish Sitting Around The House!”
“I Don’t Know How to Start My Campaign…”
I understand how overwhelming everything can be when it comes to growing your business. 

If you feel the same frustration, then there’s absolutely no reason to worry…
SendJim has plenty of pre-made templates for TONS of different businesses that have been proven successful!

That means postcards ready to go whether you’re in Construction…Lawn Care…Cleaning…Real Estate...
Or Anything Else You Could Possibly Think Of!
“I Don’t Have The Cash To Invest…”
Worried your investment won’t pay out in the end? Not a problem!
You can sign up for a FREE 14-day trial to test us out!
Window Cleaning
“Micah Tureau was able to save both time and money by using SendJim…”
After you’ve seen how time-saving and simple SendJim is, you can sign up for your $99/mo subscription (credits are $.69 cents each)

Your marketing campaigns will be so powerful you’ll make that investment back in no time… and keep all the extra profits for yourself!

Plenty of our subscribers have seen their profits sky-rocket… even with a low budget starting out. See for yourself how great an investment this is.
Pressure Washing
“Learning A New Program Is Too Much Work…”
You want a product that’s going to save you time as well as money…
…And spending hours upon hours trying to learn a complex program isn’t going to help.
Don’t worry… SendJim was designed so that entrepreneurs like you could use it right away. No complicated techno-babble. No programming or coding.

The process is as simple as it gets, and even beginners will pick it up in no time.
“You Need Confidence To Catch The Big Fish!”
“I Don’t Have A PHD In Marketing… 
I Can’t Do This!”
Have shaky past marketing efforts hurt your confidence? You know you’re born to be an entrepreneur, but you just don’t know how to find clients on demand.

You’re not alone! The SendJim community is made up of thousands of business owners who have been exactly where you are. Except now, they’re making more profits than ever…and in less than half the time.

You’re business dreams are in reach, and SendJim will help make them a reality!
“I’ll Use This When I’m More Prepared…”
It’s easy to fall into this mental trap. You’re excited to knock your marketing campaign out of the park!
But first you need to research…
1000 Google searches, 200 YouTube “How To” videos, and 30 webinars ought to do the trick, right?
Window Cleaning
The best time to begin your marketing campaign is right now! 

Waiting around for the right time is setting yourself up for failure. Don’t let the fear of not being prepared hurt your business growth.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial now, and see how SendJim will set you up for success!
“Teach A Man To Fish,
And You Feed Him For
A Lifetime”
“I Don’t Know If My Business Would Benefit From This…”
Your business is unique. It’s your baby. You’ve invested all your time and effort into seeing it grow. 

So, you’re probably thinking to yourself…
“Sure, this all sounds like it would help out other companies, but what proof is there it can help mine?”

The proof is the fact that all SendJim marketing campaigns are 100% customizable.

You can add your own pictures…
Create your own personal message…
And target any audience you want!

It doesn’t matter what business you own. You can customize any template to match your specifications.

But don’t just take my word for it…
Check out these testimonials from actual SendJim users:
Window Cleaning
"Jared Beesley made $1,800 from one round of postcards using SendJim..”
Pressure Washing
“Chase Lord is able to send out hundreds of personalized postcards at the click of a button with SendJim. No more late nights handwriting “Thank You” cards…”
Lawn Care
“I haven’t been this excited about a program in quite a while… it’s going to be awesome! – Marvin Salcido
Window Cleaning
“Our business more than tripled year over year and it is in large part due to Send Jim” – Andy Misiura
“You Don’t Need Expensive Rods And Reels!”
“I’m No Marketing Expert…I Need To Hire Someone To Handle It For Me…”
Not savvy with research? Don’t have the time or know-how to create the perfect marketing campaign? That’s perfectly fine.

SendJim automates the whole process for you!
Just choose a template, personalize it, pick an audience, and schedule everything to be sent out automatically…whenever you want. The process is so simple that you’ll finally feel confident handling your marketing campaign…with a little help from Jim, that is.
“I’m Not A Computer Whiz…I’ll Need To Hire Someone To Program Everything…”
You’re not wanting to learn a complicated program, right? 

You have better things to do than spend hours upon hours learning the “in’s-and-out’s” of something… 

Something that you invested in to save you time in the first place.

SendJim for Wife
SendJim is simplified so that any average Joe can figure it out in minutes!

There are step-by-step tutorials available for every step of the way, and 90% of the process has been completely automated…So you won’t have to waste time figuring anything out.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial now. You’ll see just how much time and money you’ll save by using SendJim for your marketing campaigns.
“You Won’t Catch A Whale With A Worm!”
“I Can’t Convert Enough Leads To Make Money…”
You tried to market your business before. You found the perfect neighborhood…brimming with potential customers just begging to pay for your help…

But every time you market to them you hear crickets…

The problem is not you; it’s your “bait“. Maybe you’re sending the right postcards to the wrong people…or perhaps your postcards aren’t getting your message across.

With SendJim, you can make sure you’re reaching out to the right people. Even better – there are dozens of pre-made templates you can use that will guarantee your message is heard.

“I Can’t Keep Loyal Customers Around…”
Are your customers hooked, but disappear the second the job is done? Your business did everything right…they even sung your praises afterwards. So…why aren’t they calling you up anymore?
Home Services
“All it took to save our customers was an ‘I’m Sorry’ card and some brownies…It was amazing!” -Trina McCarthy
It’s simple…you didn’t follow up with solid relationship marketing.
SendJim makes sure that your business is anything but forgettable. You can send anything you want…from “Thank You” cards to “Holiday” cards. You can even send brownies if your customer has a sweet tooth.

Whatever the message, your customers will be sure to stick around for the long run.
“Those Who Catch The Most Fish Beat Out The Other Anglers”
Pressure Washing
“I Can’t Compete With Other Businesses…”
Are you worried that your marketing just won’t measure up against the competition? Is that juicy neighborhood being fought over by everyone in town?
SendJim will help you stand out from the competition with personalized postcards!
Better yet… it will fine-tune your marketing campaign. Your competitors will spend hours driving around neighborhoods…putting door hangers on every home…researching where the best customers are… wasting time and money.

But You’ll have Jim on your side…
In just a few short minutes, you’ll create a personalized and hyper-targeted campaign that you can schedule to send…re-send…and send once more any time you want.

Stand out from your competitors. Be the most consistent and focused business on the block.

“What If My Campaign Doesn’t Work?…”
You’ll never know how effective your marketing campaign could be unless you give it a try.
But if you’re wanting some insurance…something that can deliver you better response rates, better conversions, and better customer relations…
Window Cleaning
Then you need to sign up for SendJim, today!
You can sign up for a FREE 14-day trial and see for yourself just how easy it is to maintain a successful marketing strategy. 

Let Jim reach out to your ideal customers…while you sit back and relax as the business comes pouring in.
“Landing That Big Fish Means Never Giving Up!”
Pressure Washing
“Check out how Ryan Edrington turned $35 into $800 using SendJim to
hyper-target his customers…”
“My Campaigns Haven’t Worked Before…”
When marketing campaigns fail, it’s because your investment didn’t make enough profits… When you aren’t making enough profits, it’s because you aren’t reaching the right customers… When you aren’t reaching the right customers, that’s when you need SendJim.
Hyper-target your prospective customers and never worry if you’re reaching the right people ever again. You can choose a single home or an entire neighborhood to market to at the push of a button.

Just think how much more effective your business could be if you doubled or even tripled the investment on your marketing campaigns…and in a fraction of the time.
That’s the power of SendJim in your hands!
“I’m Making Enough Money Where I Am Now…”
…Said nobody ever, right?
What entrepreneur wants to settle where they are? Are you truly happy scraping by in your business…knowing that potential customers are out there waiting for you?
Window Cleaning
“Andy Misiura tripled his business revenue in just one year with SendJim…”
SendJim gives you the resources to increase your yearly profits substantially. Find your perfect template…Find your perfect customers…And then convert them with the perfect postcard.

Don’t give up on your dreams of making it big. Have Jim introduce you to your ideal customers today, and start making more profit than ever!
“Don’t Let Money Stop You From Landing Big Fish!”
Window Covering
“I Didn’t Have The Money To Keep Up With Marketing…”
You’ve tried your hand at a successful marketing campaign before… but all you got in return was a thinner wallet.
Waste money on door hangers that went straight to the trash? Spend too much time and money researching potential customers?
SendJim allows you to take back your precious time and make the most bang for your buck. We’ve bundled everything you’ll need – research, postcards, customer targeting, and more – all into one easy to use program.
“I’m So Close To Finding My Perfect Customers…”
When you’re close to success, but money is tight, it’s hard to figure out what to do next. Do you throw in the towel and go home?…
…OR do you keep growing your business and moving forward anyway?
Pressure Washing
The answer should be obvious… Don’t give up on your dreams of being a successful entrepreneur… ESPECIALLY if your business is on the verge of making it BIG!

Success is just around the corner, and with SendJim at your side you’ll find it sooner rather than later. Let us join you on your journey to the top. Sign up for your FREE 14-day trial now, and watch your business take off!
Did Any Of These Problems Sound A Little Too Familiar?
Ready To Save Both Time AND Money On Your Marketing Campaign?
SendJim Hyper-Targets And Reaches Out To Your Perfect Future Customers In Just Minutes!
I know I’ve already overwhelmed you with a TON of information to take in…but trust me when I say there is still so much about SendJim I haven’t had a chance to show you yet.

There’s so many awesome tricks you can use with this program, that I genuinely hate not having the opportunity to show you it all more in person.

That’s why I decided to let you try SendJim out for 14 days absolutely FREE! You can tinker around and experiment with all the cool features we’ve set up to optimize your marketing campaign.

Put us to the test. See for yourself how effective and simple SendJim is during your trial…And see for yourself how SendJim can turn your business into a powerhouse. I’m so certain you’ll love this program that you’re free to cancel at any time and you won’t be billed a penny.

Ready to take your business growth to the next level? Then sign up for your trial right NOW!
Let Me Show You The Value You Get With SendJim By Signing Up Now!
  • SendJim Subscription – ($1,188/yr Value)
  •  Radius Bomb Hyper-Targeting System – ($1,000/yr Value)
  •  Neighbor Mailing Automation – ($1,000/yr Value)
  • Relationship Marketing Suite – ($1,000/yr Value)
  • SendJim Pro Tools Commmunity Member – (Priceless…)
  • SendJim Subscription – ($1,188/yr Value)
  •  Radius Bomb Hyper-Targeting System – ($1,000/yr Value)
  •  Neighbor Mailing Automation – ($1,000/yr Value)
  • Relationship Marketing Suite – ($1,000/yr Value)
  • SendJim Pro Tools Commmunity Member – (Priceless…)
Total Value: $4,188 / Year 
Test Us Out Now For… FREE!
There Has To Be A Catch…Right? 
Absolutely NOT! You’ll be able to try SendJim for 14 days completely FREE with no risk. We’re that sure you’ll fall in love with our program in just two-weeks’ time.

What All Can You Guarantee Me?
I can guarantee you two things right off the back: 1) You’ll wonder how you ever handled your marketing without SendJim around…and 2) You can unsubscribe at any time. No hidden fees. No long-term contracts.

I’m Sold…What Should I Do Next?
All that’s left for you to do is decide what subscription plan you’d like. Click the button below, and we can get this party started! 
I appreciate you sticking around this long, and I look forward to getting in contact with you ASAP!

Joshua Latimer
Founder of
P.S. – Here’s Some FAQ’s We Get Regularly
SendJim is currently only supported in the US.  

A contact is any single person who’s recorded in your account. Think of 1 email address as being equivalent to 1 contact. 

The cost is just .69 cents for a standard sized postcard with everything included – even postage!  (no minimums to send... even send 1 at a time!)

Of course you can! Click the "SEE A DEMO" link below to get started right away…
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. 

Absolutely not! All plans are NO contracts, NO setup fees, and NO hidden gimmicks. Feel free to cancel anytime you want. 

You can cancel at any time, easily. However, currently there is no Refund Policy for Annual or Lifetime Membership accounts. Credits are not refundable but you can quickly use them for mailings if you need to cancel for some reason.