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SendJim Gives You Everything You Need To Get New Customers And Keep Turn Them Into Raving Fans!

Send Jim Gives You Everything You Need To Get New Customers And Keep Them Forever As Raving Fans!
Is Managing Your Marketing Stealing 
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SendJim lets you take the power back from the big competitors.
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It Only Takes 3 Easy Steps…
Step 1: Pick Your Template
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pre-made, completely customizable templates…
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Everything is completely automated – so you can reach your clients today, tomorrow, in a month, or even a year!
Step 3: Start Your Campaign
Choose the contact or group of contacts you want to target and BAM!!!!

Send Postcards, Handwritten Cards, Gifts, Voicemails, Letters, And So Much More!

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Your business is unique. It’s your baby. You’ve invested all your time and effort into seeing it grow. 

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But don’t just take my word for it…
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Lawn Care
“I haven’t been this excited about a program in quite a while… it’s going to be awesome! – Marvin Salcido
Window Cleaning
“Our business more than tripled year over year and it is in large part due to Send Jim” – Andy Misiura
It’s YOUR Business – YOUR Campaign – YOUR Vision
Set Everything Up In Minutes, And Leave The Hard Work To Us.

Don't Hold Your Business Back
  • Send Pre-Made Templates for 50+ Industries or Upload a Custom Design
  • ​Schedule Custom Sequences Based on Service Date
  • ​Send Gifts and Handwritten Cards
  • ​Schedule Ringless Voicemail Reminders!
SendJim Pricing
After you’ve seen how time-saving and simple SendJim is, you can sign up for a $99/mo subscription or $799/yr. (credits are $.69 cents each)

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  • SendJim Subscription – ($1,188/yr Value)
  • Access to our Exclusive Mapping Software, RadiusBomb ($1,000 Value)
  • Access to our Mobile App ($297 Value)
  • Access to our Drag & Drop Sequence Builder ($199 Value)
  • Access to our Library of Beautiful and Customizable Postcard Templates ($497 Value)
  • Access Send Jim University Online Course + FREE Credits ($497 Value)
  • Access to our Relationship Marketing Masterclass ($497 Value)
  • Access to our 5-Around Master Class ($497 Value)
  • SendJim Subscription – ($1,188/yr Value)
  •  Radius Bomb Hyper-Targeting System – ($1,000/yr Value)
  •  Neighbor Mailing Automation – ($1,000/yr Value)
  • Relationship Marketing Suite – ($1,000/yr Value)
  • SendJim Pro Tools Commmunity Member – (Priceless…)
Total Value: $4,672 / Year 
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